Treatment Details & Benefits

What is Shiatsu?

This ancient Japanese method of healing is a kind of gentle bodywork. The goal is to balance and promote the flow of blood and qi by palming and thumbing the body’s meridians or energy pathways. The front and back of the body are worked from head to toe leaving you relaxed, yet energized. Like acupuncture, shiatsu utilizes traditional Chinese medical theory to target the ailment source and form an appropriate treatment and specific acupoints are stimulated with finger pressure to create balance and wellness. Clients should wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing and will lie down on a futon mat to receive treatment.

Why Shiatsu?

In addition to the benefit of combining massage, reiki and acupuncture in one, shiatsu treats a wide range of ailments including:

• Back, neck or shoulder issues whether caused by injury or stress
• Sciatica, fibromyalgia or arthritis
• Anxiety, trauma, psycho emotional and sleep issues
• Digestive problems, headaches or asthma
Additionally, shiatsu is an effective form of meditation offering the possibility to open communication with your angels and spiritual guides.

You should wear comfortable, loose fitting pants. (Preferably no jeans.)


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