I have been in private practice since 2008 and am a graduate of the Acupressure Therapy Institute (ATI) in Quincy, MA having completed over 800 hours of training and meeting all mandatory requirements. I am an  Asian Bodywork Therapist (ABT) with a certification by the American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia (AOBTA) in Acupressure Shiatsu.

In addition to my primary practice location at Good Life Acupuncture & Holistic Therapies in West Bridgewater, MA, I also practice part time at a healing and bereavement center, Hope Floats, in Kingston, MA.
As part of my shiatsu practice I’ll often incorporates magnet therapy, Sotai exercises and sometimes Chinese Cupping and moxibustion in my treatments. Unlike most shiatsu therapists, I utilize a body support cushion to provide further comfort and support for my clients while treating the back, shoulders and various yang meridians.
Although I treat many various health issues, I have particular success in relieving neck and joint pain, anxiety, headaches and am passionate about helping clients heal from grief and trauma.

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